Starfinder Society


Adventurers in Starfinder formed factions around adventuring philosophy. Members of the Society choose to join up with one or more of these groups as they complete their Starfinder Society missions.

A blue silhouette of an adventurer superimposed over an inverted silver triangle, symbol of the Acquisitives.


"Fame, glory, and money. We want it all."

The disastrous disappearance of the majority of the Starfinder Society’s resources in the Scoured Stars incident was the catalyst behind the birth of the Acquisitives faction. In the hard times that followed the disaster, the Starfinder Society turned to several notable mercenary organizations, hiring freelance agents to perform duties once handled by Starfinders. Many of these hired contacts and mercenaries saw the usefulness of a continued “working relationship” with the Society, and they decided to join as the first new generation of recruits finished their accelerated training.

Radaszam, a vesk male in red battle armor wielding a pistol, leader of the Acquisitives.

Faction Leader: Radaszam “The Dealmaker”

Radaszam (N male vesk operative) A relative newcomer to the Starfinder Society, Radaszam joined in hopes of steering a generation of new agents interested in personal fame and profit. While he spends much of his time managing Society affairs of importance to the newly formed Acquisitives faction, Radaszam also maintains his own private mercenary outfit, the Obsidian Spiders. Focusing his attention on two organizations has done nothing to dull Radaszam’s interest, and he routinely takes time to join Starfinders on the most outlandish missions he possibly can.

Objectives: True to their history, Acquisitives are the most mercenary of the Starfinder Society factions. Their goals often involve promoting the Starfinder Society to the extent that it will increase the personal reputation of all members. They hoard funds and resources, believing that by maintaining such a treasury, the faction can make itself indispensable to other factions within the Society. Many Starfinders pledge themselves, to varying degrees, to the Acquisitive faction for access to these resources. This influx of membership is the direct byproduct of the Acquisitive's existing cache of resources, not to mention their preference of sending Starfinders on missions leading to personal glory and monetary enrichment.

Year 7 Goal: The Acquisitives are concerned with keeping the Starfinder Society in the spotlight—this includes another highly publicized mission for Zo! as well as the continued quest for the fabulous riches of famed explorer Rasheen. uses cookies. You can block from using cookies within your browser settings, but doing so will hinder site functionality.

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