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To register a new character, visit your My Pathfinder Society page (directly, or via the My Account Page under your Pathfinder Society settings or the main Pathfinder Society Page under "Create a Character"). To register a character, click the appropriate registration links ("Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Character" refers to a standard Roleplaying Guild character, "Pathfinder Core Roleplaying Character" refers to a Roleplaying Guild character built with only the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook and used in the Core Campaign, and "Card Game Character" refers to a Adventure Card Guild character). For more information about these character options, refer to the Roleplaying Guild Guide or Adventure Card Guild Guide.

The "Sessions" tab on your My Pathfinder Society page shows all of your sessions as a player or Game Master. Both of these lists are automatically collapsed to save space—you can expand the list by clicking the right arrow next to the appropriate header.

  1. Login into your My Pathfinder Society page, click the "GM/Event Coordinator" tab, and navigate to the "Create Your Event" under the "Create New Event" heading.
  2. Fill out the form for your event (read the instructions on the page carefully, as they will guide you through the event creation process) and save. Note: when selecting checkboxes next to Roleplaying Guild scenarios, you will need to check either "RPG" (a standard Roleplaying Guild session) or "PFC" (a core Roleplaying Guild session).

To obtain session sheets for your event, you may download these from the "Sessions" link next to the event as it is listed on the "GM/Event Coordinator" tab.

  1. From the "GM/Event Coordinator tab" on your My Pathfinder Society page, navigate to the event you're reporting and click the "Report" link next to it.
  2. Follow the instructions on this page (you may collapse/expand the instructions by clicking "Hide Instructions" or "Show Instructions). Note: Some Roleplaying Guild reporting sheets have boxes A through D listed on them (if any of these boxes on the sheet are checked, check the corresponding boxes on the reporting page).

You may reserve Pathfinder Society registration cards in advance for your event by navigating to "Pathfinder Society Cards" under the "GM/Event Coordinator tab" on your My Pathfinder Society page. You may reserve up to 10 of these cards per day. If you need to reserve more than 10 cards, contact your local Venture-Captain. uses cookies. You can block from using cookies within your browser settings, but doing so will hinder site functionality.

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