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You’ve fought ghosts and goblins, dragons and demons, and so much more in your storied careers as adventurers, yet now you face what may be your most daunting challenge yet—creating an opera based on your heroic legacy! Of course, there’s more afoot in the town of Kintargo than what’s coming soon on stage, and as the production swings into high gear, unexpected and dangerous complications are sure to make themselves known. Fear of performing on the stage will soon be the least of your worries!

  • Stage Fright

    By Richard Pett

    Rumors abound that an old enemy, a dangerous foe you defeated at the culmination of your first huge adventure, has come back. Yet confronting your old nemesis once again is only the beginning of what's next for your group, for a famous director has singled you out as the subject of her newest opera. How dangerous could it be, helping to produce an extravaganza based on your own heroic legacy?

  • Singer, Stalker, Skinsaw Man

    By Kendra Leigh Speedling

    Production has begun on a brand new opera that promises to bring your group's heroic adventures to the stage, but as it turns out, producing an opera can be as complex and even at times as dangerous as adventuring ever is—particularly when a mysterious stalker spreads mayhem. Can you keep your production on schedule and under budget in the face of nefarious sabotage and sinister agendas?

  • Bring the House Down 

    By Sen H. H. S.

    The time has come for your opera's premiere, but when an unexpected disaster strikes, the adventuring producers are forced to become adventuring heroes once again, as they scramble to untangle and then stand against a nefarious plot. Can you ensure all your hard work in producing an opera pays off while simultaneously opposing the plans of a malevolent god?

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