Starfinder Society


Adventurers in Starfinder formed factions around adventuring philosophy. Members of the Society choose to join up with one or more of these groups as they complete their Starfinder Society missions.

A blue-and-red motif composed of stylized cicruitry, symbol of the Dataphiles.


"Knowledge is power."

There have always been members of the Starfinder Society obsessed with the acquisition and distribution of data. For many, that is their primary reason for joining the Society in the first place. The Dataphiles are a faction of like-minded individuals who work to regulate the flow of information both inside and out of the Starfinder Society.

Historia-7, a blue-haired female android with glowing blue circuitry across her face, leader of the Dataphiles.

Faction Leader: Celita

Celita (LN female android mechanic) [Formerly known as Historia-7] Celita has a long and storied history through her time with the Starfinder Society. She began as a field agent, where she completed several notable missions during her time, but was always more well-known for her after-action accomplishments. She became noticed in many circles, eventually earning the admiration of the Dataphiles faction leader, Historia-6. Later, Celita would take on the mantle of Historia-7, as she led the Dataphiles faction through the tumultuous aftermath of the Scoured Stars incident. Through a series of events, she later abandoned that title and retook her original name of Celita. She now prefers to administer her faction remotely from the Archives of the Lorespire Complex.

Objectives: Churches, corporations, governments, and other organizations all have secrets. The Dataphiles work to uncover these secrets, deciding what to share and what to store in their vast data vaults inside Archive’s Cortex, a sector of the Lorespire Complex in Absalom Station. While not all information is shared beyond the Dataphiles’ archives, the simple act of guarding knowledge acts as a guiding light for the Dataphiles. Data comes in many forms, and the Dataphiles employ more than just computer specialists in their ranks. Those Starfinders skilled at withdrawing information from sentient creatures, either by coercion, discourse, or trickery are highly sought. As their sites of interest are often some of the most well-defended installations in the galaxy, the Dataphiles also have a pressing need for trained combat specialists—whether as a strong arm protecting a hacker during a delicate operation or an armed ally capable of getting the prize out alive.

Year 7 Goal: The Dataphiles are leveraging their highly important skill set to assist in the exploration of Eternity on Aballon. uses cookies. You can block from using cookies within your browser settings, but doing so will hinder site functionality.

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