Drift Crisis

The hyperspace plane known as the Drift has gone haywire in a galaxy-spanning disaster that will change the Starfinder setting forever! How will your adventures during the Drift Crisis shape the future of the galaxy? 

  • Starfinder Iconics stand ready for a fight

    Drift Crisis

    Set the stage for your own Drift Crisis adventures with this 192-page hardcover, which provides both player characters and GMs a wealth of information to create characters and campaigns influenced by this galactic catastrophe.

  • A broken ship with panels missing from the hull, floating in space

    Before The Storm

    During a routine shuttle trip through the Drift, a group of heroes come across another vessel attempting to outrun a mysterious shockwave. Following a devastating impact, both ships are cast adrift but the heroes can't signal for help!

  • Drift Crisis Flip Mat

    Flip-Mat Drift Crisis

    This jumbo, double-sided Flip-Mat features a hex grid map of the Drift on one side—perfect for starship combat in the hyperspace plane—and the interior of a high-tech structure that makes Drift travel possible on the other.



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