The exciting conclusion of the Drift Crisis in which faster-than-light travel breaks down and the galaxy is thrown into chaos. Go from 7th to 13th level as you travel into the dataverse to save the Pact Worlds!

  • A Light in the Dark

    By Jessica Catalan

    The Drift Crisis continues! In crumbling Alluvion, the goddess Triune’s city domain within the Drift, the heroes are thrust into the center of tensions between anxious factions at the heart of the Drift Crisis catastrophe! By agreeing to aid a desperate android priest of Casandalee, the heroes can start to help healing these divides.

  • Clockwork Demons

    By Quinn Murphy

    To begin restoring trust between the factions of a fractured Church of Triune, the heroes must get their leaders to agree to a summit. This meeting takes place in the city’s most popular tavern, which doubles as a museum of clockworks. When the talks end, all sides agree that to restore Alluvion, they must first oust the heretical interlopers within the Temple of Triune. 

  • Into the Dataverse

    By Alexander Augunas

    The heroes insert their consciousnesses into a digital realm that represents all the information about the galaxy collected by the goddess Triune—including the code that controls the Drift! Though the PCs have helped Triune and the Drift return to functionality, neither the heroes nor the galaxy itself will emerge from the Drift Crisis the same!



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