Pathfinder Society


In the Pathfinder Society, factions are fellowships of like-minded adventurers who strive together to achieve common goals. Pathfinders may support any number of fellowships during their career.

A pair of ornate double doors opening inward to reveal a radiant light beyond, symbol of the Envoys' Alliance.

Envoys' Alliance

"Strength in Community"

Being a Pathfinder’s dangerous work. Travel comes with its own dangers, traps seem to be everywhere, and just about everything seems ready to eat aspiring agents. What’s more, the Pathfinder Society has spent the last decade increasingly engaged in major conflicts, each of which saw extraordinary rewards yet also loss of life. After virtually nonstop campaigns, the Society’s ranks are sorely depleted. The Envoys’ Alliance aims to change that, making the Society every stronger, better trained, and better supported.

Fola Barun, a black-eyed female elf with flowers in her hair and colorful patterns painted on her face, leader of the Envoys' Alliance.

Faction Leader: Fola Barun

Fola Barun (N female half-elf negotiator) first encountered the Pathfinder Society in her role as the envoy of an Ekujae elven community in the Mwangi Expanse, and later joined the Society through a field commission. She quickly established herself as an attentive leader whose even-keeled, professional approach not only expanded the Society’s understanding of the mighty Vanji River, but also helped devastate the Aspis Consortium’s predatory operations along that route. Having never trained at the Grand Lodge or absorbed the conventional Society wisdom imparted to initiates, she was appalled upon first reaching Absalom and learning of the many counts of negligence of the past century. She’s brought a fresh approach to recruitment and supporting agents in the field, which often sees her collaborating (and occasionally clashing) with the deans of the Pathfinder Society’s three schools.

Objectives: The Envoys’ Alliance is dedicated to recruiting new agents, rescuing Pathfinders in distress, and rebuilding the Society in a way that supports and values operatives’ lives and wellbeing—at least as much as one can in the adventuring world. Through collaboration, the Society can accomplish ever-greater feats—particularly with a powerful faction to advocate for the Pathfinders themselves when they’re tasked with the Grand Lodge’s latest projects.

Year 4 Goal: Recent events have convinced Fola Barun that the Pathfinder Society’s allies—both new and old—are more important now than ever. Several of the treasures in the Society’s vaults are linked to individuals and societies from across Golarion, and many of these people may be valuable allies for the Society. Fola seeks to step up her faction’s efforts to recruit new members of varied backgrounds, to protect and train novice Pathfinders, and to strengthen the Pathfinder Society’s reputation and relationships across Golarion. uses cookies. You can block from using cookies within your browser settings, but doing so will hinder site functionality.

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