Starfinder Society


Adventurers in Starfinder formed factions around adventuring philosophy. Members of the Society choose to join up with one or more of these groups as they complete their Starfinder Society missions.

An imposing golden helmet with an open faceplate shrounded in darkness except for two glowing motes of red, symbol of the Exo-Guardians.


"The sword that seeks the darkness."

The Exo-Guardians have existed in various forms within the Starfinder Society for the past century. Dedicated to preserving the Pact Worlds from external threats, the Exo-Guardians work closely with the Starfinder Society, using the latter’s farreaching travels and discoveries to identify galactic threats early. While most of the original Exo-Guardians were involved in the mission to the Scoured Stars, a handful remained behind. They have since worked to reform the faction to serve the recovering Society.

Ixthia the Unbreakable (LG agender copaxi vanguard): a humanoid alien with a coral-like exoskeleton

Ixthia the Unbreakable (LG agender copaxi vanguard)

Ixthia the Unbreakable (LG agender copaxi vanguard) When the Exo-Guardians’ beloved faction leader Zigvigix disappeared during a recent operation in the Vast and was declared missing in action, a new leader stepped forward to follow in their footsteps. Originally joining the Society after agents visited their homeworld Tabrid Minor, the stalwart young copaxi has vowed to rescue their lost companions. They added “Ix” to their name to symbolize this promise and to honor the faction leader that came before them. Ixthia earned the name “Unbreakable” because of their valiant actions in the recent Data Scourge Defense on Absalom Station.

Objectives: The creed of the Exo-Guardians is to protect the Pact Worlds from external threats. In the context of their membership within the Starfinder Society, this most often relates to participating in missions to acquire relics or technology of a defensive nature. Exo-Guardians excel in missions that lead to such discoveries, but also serve an important secondary role within the Society of 'sending a message' to threats that interfere in Society business. Be it a derelict starship overrun with mindless alien vermin, or a supposedly impenetrable fortress operated by forces opposed to the Society, it's often the Exo-Guardians who come in to handle the situation.

Year 7 Goal: The Exo-Guardians oppose the violent actions of Those Who Call, and are on site in Eternity to counter their violent schemes. Elsewhere in the Pact Worlds, the Exo-Guardians investigate strange occurrences on the planet Aucturn. uses cookies. You can block from using cookies within your browser settings, but doing so will hinder site functionality.

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