Welcome to Pathfinder, It’s Your Game!

Pathfinder is a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game where you tell heroic tales in a world of quests, magic, monsters, and treasures. Your choices, and the roll of the dice, determine how the story unfolds.

The Pathfinder Second Edition launched in 2019 and has grown to the world's deepest, most customizable tabletop roleplaying game. Now, the Pathfinder Remaster Project offers a fresh entry point to the game. The four new rulebooks are compatible with existing Pathfinder Second Edition products, incorporating comprehensive errata and rules updates as well as some of the best additions from later books into new, easy-to-access volumes with streamlined presentations inspired by years of player feedback.

A world of adventure awaits, but it needs you to be the hero of the story. Play the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game today!

    A Few Things To Help You Get Started




    Each monthly volume of a Pathfinder Adventure Path leads into the next as part of a greater story spanning multiple volumes. The first volume of each Adventure Path typically starts at 1st level, and each volume has a self-contained story that eventually leads to a big climax at the end of the final volume. Each volume also typically includes new monsters, rules, and details about the world. Each Adventure Path has a different theme, and their settings range across the Inner Sea region and beyond.


    Pathfinder Adventures are standalone adventures that cover several levels of play. They’re self-contained and typically have a unique structure or theme. You can play through a Pathfinder Adventure on its own or as part of your ongoing campaign—some make ideal side adventures for Adventure Paths that have similar themes.


    Scenarios are the adventures used by the Pathfinder Society Organized Play program; you can play them as part of the Pathfinder Society or on your own. Each takes about 4 to 5 hours to run, so you can tell a whole story in a short amount of time, but they’re also part of a larger continuity and can be combined together to form the basis of a longer campaign.

    Pathfinder Society

    Pathfinder Society is a worldwide fantasy roleplaying living campaign, one of Paizo's Organized Play programs. As Pathfinders, your goals are simple: Explore, Report and Cooperate.

    Paizo Forums

    The Paizo forums are a friendly and fun place where the community and Paizo staff can interact.

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