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In the Pathfinder Society, factions are fellowships of like-minded adventurers who strive together to achieve common goals. Pathfinders may support any number of fellowships during their career.

Grand Archive faction symbol, architectural column with quill and ink well

Grand Archive

"Chronicling the Past"

Archaeology is a destructive science, and adventurers tend to be more destructive than most. If the Society is to uphold its mandate to study and preserve the past, then documentation and academic rigor are key. Members of the Grand Archive do not limit themselves to Absalom’s libraries, however; these bold explorers’ voyage to the most exciting sites to chronicle the past in person and share those tales with the world.

Gorm Greathammer, a smiling male dwarf with a lute slung on his back and a golden circlet on his head, leader of the Grand Archive.

Faction Leader: Gorm Greathammer

Although third in line for the Sky Citadel Kraggodan’s throne, Gorm Greathammer (LN male dwarf raconteur) has always been drawn to the adventuring lifestyle, and his passion drew him to the Pathfinder Society decades ago. He has since distinguished himself as an explorer and chronicler with numerous publications to his name and countless stories to retell. Even so, he has regularly returned home to help administrate the sky citadel. After withstanding the exhausting Ironfang Invasion and directing peace negotiations with Molthune, he returned to the Grand Lodge on an extended leave of absence from Kraggodan. He now oversees the Grand Archive, promoting scholarship and uncovering centuries-old mysteries to solve at long last. Yet those who would expect the Grand Archive’s leader to be a shy, spectacled sage are in for a surprise; Gorm is daring, boisterous, and ready to get his hands dirty alongside his allies.

Objectives: The Grand Archive promotes the ongoing education of Pathfinder agents, the recovery of ancient knowledge, and the mastery of esoteric lore. Thanks to Gorm Greathammer’s leadership, the faction also encourages travel, so that agents can experience history directly, draw their own conclusions, and ensure that all relics receive the care and curation they deserve—especially where a berserker’s boots might otherwise shatter a priceless statue. After years of neglect and several noteworthy attacks, the Grand Lodge’s written records are a tattered shadow of what they once were, and the Grand Archive is dedicated to restoring the Society’s libraries by seeking replacement texts and long-lost documents the world over.

Year 4 Goal: While Gorm Greathammer is off seeking new opportunities for Pathfinder Society adventures, the Society’s head archivist Zarta Dralneen has taken charge of the newly acquired treasures. An expert in dark mysteries and hidden discoveries, Zarta wants the Society to learn everything it can about these items, both to prevent them from being misused and to see how they can benefit the Society. uses cookies. You can block from using cookies within your browser settings, but doing so will hinder site functionality.

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