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Suit Up, Save the World! On a rugged planet crawling with colossi—terrifying kaiju that demolish cities with fearsome power—courageous mech pilots battle monsters to protect the world’s people. As the war for control of planet Daimalko rages on, a mysterious third power plots to use an ancient artifact to purge the planet of all life.

  • A large red mech swinging a giant sword down onto a kaiju

    Adventure Path

    It’s time for Daimalko’s defenders to suit up against a new threat! This 184-page hardcover campaign covers levels 3 to 18 and tells the story of rookie mech pilots on Daimalko, starting out as city defenders and venturing to the stars as the heroes become galactic celebrities. 

  • A large red mech pushing a giant sword into the head of a kaiju

    Special Edition

    Mechageddon! is an exciting introduction to mech combat and the Starfinder RPG, packed with adventure content and new rules you can use to build the ultimate mech campaign! This deluxe special edition is bound in faux leather with metallic deboss cover elements and a bound-in ribbon bookmark. 



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