While relaxing on a posh asteroid resort, the heroes are beset by a plague of madness and horrible transformations and learn these tragedies are part of plot engineered by an insane scientist trapped on the Shadow Plane. As this corruption begins to infect the heroes, they must stop the transmission at its source to save themselves—and the rest of the galaxy!

  • The Diaspora Strain

    By Chris S. Sims

    A vacation on New Elysium, a luxury resort located on an asteroid in the Diaspora, goes horribly wrong as the facilities malfunction and the guests and staff turn violent. The heroes must protect themselves and aid those who have remained sane, including a wealthy android tech entrepreneur who might have some information about the cause of this madness....

  • The Penumbra Protocol

    By Jenny Jarzabski

    Infected with a sickness that threatens to turn them into twisted murderers, the heroes travel to the city of Cuvacara on the planet Verces to find the possible origin of the madness! They soon discover that a sinister company plans to release a new social media app that will corrupt the entire city...

  • Heart of Night

    By Saif Ansari

    Trapped on the Shadow Plane, the heroes' only hope of returning to the Material Plane is to find the mad scientist whose machinations put them in this predicament. At the center of this web, the heroes confront the scientist, who has been transformed through her experimentation. With her notes and the use of partially living machinery, the PCs can cure themselves of their corruption and find a way home!

Listen To The Signal Of Screams

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